Francis Parent, french historian & art critic's analyses about artwork "Sleeping" of artist Dai Giang: Figures Imaginary Visionary, mediumistic, fantasy.. Dream monsters or creatures of the night are depicted with greater solidity and realism than Matta, Max Ernst, Gustave Moreau, Paul Delvaux, Dado, Vito Tangiani, ... or the recent "Fictionists": Marko Mori, .... Individualist Art (Art Singulier) Primitivism Individualist work which refers to ancestral archetypes as "primary" or "essential" cultural forms (E. Nolde, Jean Michel Basquiat, Ouattara, Robert Tatin, J. Dubuffet, ...). Materiality in painting, but also with all other materials with the following possibilities: Structured structured combinations any combinations of lines, colours, matter or volumes of a more structured type (Michail Heizer, Anish Kapoor, Miguel Barceló, ...).
INVOLVEMENT BODY/ MIND: towards the intellectual side/ the essence of things inward looking work chiefly oriented towards: projective dreams, poetry, lyricism, psychedelic experience … to "project" an inner world (Henri Michaux, Wols, ...).
COMMUNICATION: (classified from the most "mystical" to the most "worldly").
via what is meant in various narrations or symbolisms :  allegorical, metaphorical (J. Beuys' "materials", ...), analytical (Mario Merz's "Fibonacci series", or those of Robert Filliou, ...), critical (from Henri Cueco to Hans Haacke or Guillaume Bijl, ...).
via what is meant with various spiritual or less marked religious influences : from Barnett Newman to Mark Rothko, from Roman Opalka to Arnulf Rainer, ....

"Artist Dai Giang is an innovator who has essentially established an artistic movement himself. The effect challenges our expectations while offering us a way of seeing that is entirely unique.
The Upsidedownism which Dai Giang constructs a face of figure out of proportion physically yet exactly right emotionally is in the lineage of Picasso and other 20 th century innovators. Upsidedownism  of Dai Giang is   hard   to  cllassify  :  a  bit   surrealist , a   bit   figurative ,  a  bit   Dadaist ,  yet    very    much    an   originai    artist"    
Ruthie Tucker (Director, Curator of Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in New York)

"Very impressive work. Much feeling. I feel like I am seeing masxus works in a museum.This is an original art form that must be recognized in the Art world as unique, alive . Art with enthusiasm.."
Dany Bgens

"Dai Giang's quirky style 'Upside Downism', subverts (substance, it is more riches) the history of Western art"..
Anna Fahey (Critic Art of Seattle Weekly)

"Fantastic work. They are masterpieces. The festival is proud to have DaiGiang's artworks in exhibition"
Piere Midwinter - President of Raw Arts International Festival in London

Upsidedownism idea is great ! It will open a new page for World Art History in the 21st Century  (Greg Gierlowsky- Polish Artist)

Seattle , Washington 8/9/2004 (by Hoang Tam)
In 1994, Michael Talevich, a carpenter living in Seattle (WA) bought the painting "The Singers in public market Seattle" of artist Nguyen Dai Giang at 1OOO USD. 10 years later, on 19th August 2004, he resold it to collector Thomas Edward (a lawyer in Ohio) at 10,000.00 USD

» Actually, when I sent in Upside Down Art, I just remembered one thing: to look for my own personality inside me and paint it..
I chose free creativity in its pure, undiluted meaning. The more freedom, the more soaring the arts will be. Independence and freedom are the quintessential ingredients of creativity. To be creative, one has to overcome territorial and ethnic boundaries, (national) customs and habits etc. to come to the (sense of) perfect beauty of the time. Thanks you all. (artist Dai Giang)

PHUONGDONG TIMES, N° 436 , November , 03 rd 2000
News: from the millions of people from all over the world, Institut of International Biography selected 500 founders of the 21 st Century. Artist Nguyen Dai Giang has the honour to be on the list. The Director of Institut said: "This is the biography book of 500 most talented persons in the world today. They have not only the importance to achieve beautifully their creations out of limite of universe, but also they are the great exemples for the young generation. We have to see them as the Lighthouses in the sea"

» Interview By ThoTho, Washington, June 2001.

» Artist Dai Giang on RAGMAG magazine (Lebanon), August 2011.

» Article from The New Asian Journal - November 1998 ..
( by Marta Olson - artist teacher, she is chairperson of the Art Department at Cleveland High School , and Secondary Art Education Representative for the Washington Art Education Association) :